Purchase and Sales Agreements

Litigation, arbitration, mediation (specific performance, injunctions, expunging lis pendens, damages) of disputes over contract interpretation, and performance breach.

  • California Association of Realtor RPA agreements
  • Specifically negotiated commercial agreements
  • Escrow instructions
  • Listing instructions
  • Deeds
  • Loans and Deeds of Trust
  • Easements.

"I had the opportunity to watch Mr. Lines in court.  He was opposing a motion to expunge a lis pendens in a legal action he filed for my buyer.  At the beginning of the hearing, the judge was going to expunge the lis pendens.  The opposing attorney aggressively pushed for the order he had requested.  Mr. Lines masterfully countered the opposing attorney's arguments, and used those arguments to expose the inaccurate facts and to demonstrate why the law was on my buyer's side."  Jay Dharmasuriya, Enterprise Properties.

"Everyone jokes about contracts written on a napkin.  One of my clients negotiated a purchase agreement on New Year's Eve.  He and the seller wrote and signed the agreement on the only piece of a paper they could find - a napkin used to serve one of their drinks.  When the seller refused to open escrow, I filed a legal action to force a sale to my client.  The seller's attorney filed a motion to expunge the lis pendens.  I was able to convince the judge that, while all my client had was a paper napkin, he had an enforceable napkin."  Mac Lines

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